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Chempistry BioNaturals, or “Chempistry” as so many have come to call it, was born from a love of biology, nature,  and quite frankly, the need for a quality product to provide consistent relief. 

When CBD first started to make it's mark in the holistic world, I noticed that almost daily there were new companies and "kitchen-bottlers" popping up. Often these companies were selling adulterated products containing harmful chemicals and pesticides. Since there is little to no regulation in the CBD industry it was a constant battle to find clean, pure, high-grade CBD tinctures and topicals to help reduce daily pain and anxieties. I was tired of finding reports of companies using hemp extracts and carrier ingredients that were riddled with solvents and pesticides. Many products were even independently tested and proven to contain no CBD what-so-ever!

I was tired of coming across companies using the cheapest possible ingredients in their formulas, and being more concerned with their bottom-line than with customer safety and holistic value. I was tired of suffering and tired of searching through the countless products that were "#1 selling" or "#1 Product on the Market". Everyone can't be #1 after all..... right?

It was frustrating and often disheartening. That's when  I realized there are likely countless other individuals in the same shoes as I was, always suffering, and always searching.

This constant cycle of suffering and searching lead me to create Chempistry BioNaturals. Chempistry was created to overcome these common industry obstacles and to provide clean, reliable, consistent, and nutrient-rich products that individuals can use with confidence.

At Chempistry we use only US grown hemp and hemp seeds to ensure pure, clean, and healthful products. Our products are bottled in a USP/GMP certified facility that specializes in the extraction and processing of cannabinoids and terpenes. Additionally, our bottling facility utilizes the most up-to-date CO2 sub-critical extraction methods for the cleanest possible ingredients. 

Chempistry BioNaturals is a small family-owned company located in the heart of Blair County Pennsylvania. We strive to provide quality hemp and organic plant-based products to our customers so they can get back to living their lives more fully, naturally.

Our Company Values:

Integrity & Trust - Integrity is the value we hold the highest as we believe it is at the core of all other values we practice, and allows our clients to know they can trust our process, product, and information. 

Education - At Chempistry we believe in keeping up-to-date on the latest cannabinoid research and making sure our customers have the correct information needed to make sound decisions for their health. In the rapidly changing CBD market is often hard for the average individual to keep up with all the do's, don'ts, can's, and won'ts. We aim to make this process easier and more efficient for the average person. 

Transparency - We aim to always operate with transparency and clarity for our clients. There are never any "proprietary secrets" with us. We WANT our clients to know what they are consuming, where it came from, and what methods were used for processing, extraction, and blending. Transparency builds trust. It is our goal is to always be transparent and trustworthy so that our clients can feel confident in their purchases and ability to naturally navigate their needs. 

Respect for humankind and nature - We believe that every person should be treated as an individual and shown respect regardless of where they are in life. We operate on the idea of "meet them where they are" in all applicable areas of our business. This ideology is also extended to nature as we source our ingredients from farms dedicated to the preservation of nature, use organic farming methods, and who work to maintain their local ecosystems.


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